2018 Dr. S. Paul Handa Annual Health Research Lecture

Sex and Gender-Based Medicine: Proper Care or Propaganda?

Should diagnostics and treatments be tailored by sex?

Are your research methods and clinical skills keeping pace with gender science?

Is gender-based medicine the future of proper care or propaganda?

Our speaker, Dr. Cara Tannenbaum, is the Scientific Director of the CIHR Institute of Gender and Health, and Professor in the Faculty of Medicine at the Universite de Montreal. As a practicing geriatrician, she has been recognized internationally for her efforts to improve gender equity in medicine and research.

About the Dr. S. Paul Handa Lecture Series

Dr. S. Paul Handa has been in the practice of medicine in Saint John, New Brunswick for over 40 years. Thanks to his dedication and expertise, patients suffering kidney failure, and with little hope of survival, are now living longer and enjoying a vastly improved quality of life. 

He has also been a pioneer in the development of medical research and scholarship at Dalhousie University and the Saint John Regional Hospital, focusing on hypertension, kidney disease, dialysis and organ transplant. Dr. Handa has conducted over 40 clinical research studies and has authored over 90 clinical and medical research publications. It is through his kind generosity and financial support that we are able offer today’s keynote lecture.