iHR Day 2018

Friday, March 23rd, 2018
Level I Amphitheatre & Light Court
Saint John Regional Hospital
Saint John, NB

Download a copy of our agenda here.

8:15 am On-site Registration (Free)

8:45 am Opening Remarks

9:00 am Guest Lecture
From Cultural Competency to Cultural Humility: Building Trusting Patient-Provider Relationships across Difference

Dr. Erin Fredericks, Assoc. Professor of Sociology and LGBTQIA+ Resource Advisor at St. Thomas University in Fredericton, NB
Level I Amphitheatre, Saint John Regional Hospital

Drawing on examples from qualitative research studies of women's experiences of breast cancer and care experiences of queer women and trans patients, Dr. Erin Fredericks examines models of good care across difference. She argues providers must move away from understanding competent care as the result of knowing the other and remaining neutral. Building trusting provider-patient relationships requires acceptance of inevitable discomfort and not knowing. Drawing on patient accounts, she describes how to build trusting care relationships across difference by making good assumptions, critically reflecting on one's own biases, and learning through discomfort.

9:45 am Oral Presentation Session #1

Level I Amphitheatre, Saint John Regional Hospital

Examining Access to Psycho-Educational Assessments for Children with Behavioural Referrals
Dr. Sarah Gander, Horizon Health Network

Lower Rates of All-Cause Mortality in Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation at the New Brunswick Heart Centre in Comparison to Other Centres
Natasha Larivée, Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick

The Face of Oasis
Dr. Mark Gilbert, Dalhousie University

10:30 am Break and Poster Viewing

11:00 am Oral Presentation Session #2

Level I Amphitheatre, Saint John Regional Hospital

Building a Model for Assessing Trauma-Related Mortality in a Rural Trauma System
Dr. Bryn Robinson, Maritime SPOR SUPPORT Unit/Horizon Health Network

Use of Acute Care Services within 30-days of Hospital Discharge: An Analysis of Administrative Data
Marilyn Hodgins, University of New Brunswick

Exposure to Posters of Athletic Models in an Ostensible Waiting Room: Impact on Women’s Body Dissatisfaction
Leanne Davis, University of New Brunswick/Horizon Health Network

Caffeic Acid Phenethyl Ester (CAPE) Analogs as Novel Treatment for Multiple Myeloma
Dr. Alli Murugesan, University of New Brunswick

12:00 pm Lunch Break and Poster Viewing

1:00 pm Dr. S Paul Handa Annual Research Lecture
Sex and Gender-Based Medicine: Proper Care or Propaganda?

Dr. Cara Tannenbaum, Scientific Director of CIHR Institute of Gender and Health, and Professor in Faculty of Medicine at Université de Montreal
Level I Amphitheatre, Saint John Regional Hospital

Should diagnostics and treatments be tailored by sex? Are your research methods and clinical skills keeping pace with gender science? Is gender-based medicine the future of proper care or propaganda? Our speaker will explore these issues in our annual keynote address. 

2:00 pm Oral Presentation Session #3

Research Help up the Hill
Alex Goudreau, University of New Brunswick

Critical Dynamics Study of Burnout in Emergency Department Health Professionals in New Brunswick: Revisiting 6 Years Later
Felix Zhou, Memorial University

The Effects of Paraplegia and Quadriplegia on Life Satisfaction: Insights from a Healthy Population
Derek Gaudet, University of New Brunswick

Training First-Responders to Administer Anaphylaxis Publically Available Epinephrine: A Randomized Study
Robert Dunfield, Horizon Health Network/Dalhousie University

3:30 pm Closing Remarks

Poster Presentations

Light Court (Level I), Saint John Regional Hospital - Available throughout the day

High Rates of One-Year Hospital Readmission and Emergency Department Presentations in Patients Referred for but Not Subsequently Undergoing Cardiac Surgery
Sarah Bridges, University of New Brunswick

The Anemia Paradox in Obesity: Current and Novel Biomarkers Correlated with Prognosis of Anemic and Non-Anemic Cardiac Surgery Patients
Cameron Ashe & Renee Kinden, Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick

An Evaluation of Overtriage in New Brunswick’s Field Trauma Triage System
Kate Ellis, NB Trauma Program

Rollover Motor Vehicle Crashes in New Brunswick: A Descriptive Study
Kate Ellis, NB Trauma Program

Understanding Subjective Well-Being: The Impact of Loneliness, Executive Function, and Social Media Use
Kathryn Flood, University of New Brunswick

The Influence of Peer Relationships on Subjective Well-Being
Samantha Fowler, University of New Brunswick

Results of Pilot Hepatitis C Screening Program in Infants Born to High Risk Mothers
Dr. Sarah Gander, Horizon Health Network

A Novel Antimicrobial Active against Borrelia Burgdorferi B31
Laurabeth Gill, Mount Allison University

Interprofessional Airway Microskill Checklists to Facilitate the Deliberate Practice of Direct Intubation and a Bougie with Airway Manikins
Dr. James French, Horizon Health Network/Dalhousie University

Molecular Detection of Borrelia in Human Tissue
Md. Hasibul Haque, Mount Allison University

Longitudinal Investigation of the Transition from Hospital to Home: A Feasibility Study
Marilyn Hodgins, University of New Brunswick

Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Chronic Rhinosinusitis: A Systematic Review and Qualitative Analysis
Andy Jin, Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick

TRPV6 Inhibition Modulates the Viability of Human Myeloma Cell Lines, KMM-1 and KMS-11, Treated with Conventional Chemotherapies
Andy Jin, Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick

Perception of Diabetic Retinopathy in Cataract Patients of Ophthalmic Surgery Outreach Program in Suburbs of Tamil Nadu, India
Andy Jin, Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick

Effectiveness of a Review and Reduction Strategy for Patients Receiving Atypical Neuroleptic Treatment for Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia on Hospital Inpatient Geriatric Units
Susan Kelley, Horizon Health Network

Development and Implementation of a Provincial Beta-Lactam Allergy Management Initiative
Timothy MacLaggan, Horizon Health Network

Impact of an Antimicrobial Stewardship Bloodstream Surveillance Program (BSP) in Hospitalized Patients
Timothy MacLaggan, Horizon Health Network

Pilot Testing of Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) Cycling on Spasticity in Persons with Spinal Cord Injury – FES Bike Study
Shane McCullum, Stan Cassidy Centre for Rehabilitation, Horizon Health Network

Faster Blood Culture Results with the Biofire Filmarray Blood Culture Identification (Bcid) Panel
Victoria Northrup, Horizon Health Network

A Descriptive Analysis of an Open Intensive Care Unit Model in Patients Undergoing Cardiac Surgery at the New Brunswick Heart Centre
Devin O’Brien, Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick

Significant Proportion of NBHC Cardiac Surgery Patients with Adverse Post-Op Outcomes
Brandon Persaud, Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick

Impact of Personality, Attachment, and Psychological Flexibility on Thriving
Cecile Proctor, University of New Brunswick    

Introduction of Extracorporeal Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (ECPR) into Emergency Care: A Feasibility Study
Derek Rollo, Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick   

Aspirin Utilization, Compliance and Prevention of Colorectal Cancer – A Single Centre Perspective
Gurpreet Singh-Ranger, Horizon Health Network    

Towards the Development of an Asynchronous E-Health Patient Navigation System: A Scoping Review
Katherine Thompson, University of New Brunswick